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Photography Composition Workshop

Composition Workshop at Mill Lake Park

Composition is the artistic part of photography and this Composition Workshop at Mill Lake Park will cover the most important rules in photography composition and explore why you need to both apply and occasionally break the rules!

The Composition Workshop is specifically designed to help enthusiastic digital photographers understand the artistic aspects of photography and composition rules such as Balance, Rule of Thirds, Simplicity, etc. It is ideal for people with ...

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Digital Camera Storage

Digital camera Maintenance Part 3

Digital camera storage and care

Last week we looked at how to clean the Camera Body in Part 1 and Cleaning the Lenses in Part 2. This week I’ll cover some guidelines and suggestions for caring for photography gear and how to store it safely, especially as we head into the cold and damp season. Correct storage of your digital camera equipment is important; electronic gadgets are very fragile ...

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Auto ISO, is it useful

Tips on Auto ISO

Auto ISO, is it useful? 

Ted’s tips on how to use Auto ISO for better exposure

Photo Tip Friday June 5, 2015

Almost all new Digital cameras (including new DSLRs and mirrorless cameras) have the Auto ISO setting. Is it really useful? Let’s Take a look.

You can control exposure by using Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO. Usually you set the ISO and then select what shooting mode you want to use and ...

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Learn Digital Photography

Learn Digital Photography in easy steps

It is not about your Camera, it is about your techniques!


Here you are! More images from one of our previous Outdoor photography workshop in Abbotsford! This workshop was lots of fun and I had people from Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, New west Minister, and Coquitlam. We tried so many different settings in our cameras, I showed them how to select the right color setting and white balance according to light condition. I also ...

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