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Photography Equipment Rentals Fraser Valley

Photography Equipment Rentals Fraser Valley We opened our Photography Equipment Rentals back in January 2014 with plans for adding more cameras and lenses to our rental department. This is a perfect, affordable option for those times when you need a particular gadget to finish your project and don’t want to buy the gear, or perhaps you just

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Photography equipment rental

Take Better Photos

Take Better photos  Know the Techniques and use better equipment to take better photos At Omnilargess we provide photography workshops, Photoshop, and Lightroom classes to help you taking better photos. Now we have the best selection of lighting equipment, Camera lenses and accessories for rentals to help you finish your projects. Just contact us to

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Photography Equipment rental list

Photography equipment Rental List An updated List of our rentals We just updated our Photography Equipment Rental list. Please contact us if you have any questions. [simple-retail-menu id=”1″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   [simple-retail-menu id=”2″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   [simple-retail-menu id=”3″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   [simple-retail-menu id=”5″ header=”h1″ desc=”h2″]   Ted and the Omnilargess Team

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