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Photography Composition Workshop

Composition Workshop at Mill Lake Park

Composition is the artistic part of photography and this Composition Workshop at Mill Lake Park will cover the most important rules in photography composition and explore why you need to both apply and occasionally break the rules!

The Composition Workshop is specifically designed to help enthusiastic digital photographers understand the artistic aspects of photography and composition rules such as Balance, Rule of Thirds, Simplicity, etc. It is ideal for people with ...

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Auto ISO, is it useful

Tips on Auto ISO

Auto ISO, is it useful? 

Ted’s tips on how to use Auto ISO for better exposure

Photo Tip Friday June 5, 2015

Almost all new Digital cameras (including new DSLRs and mirrorless cameras) have the Auto ISO setting. Is it really useful? Let’s Take a look.

You can control exposure by using Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO. Usually you set the ISO and then select what shooting mode you want to use and ...

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Manual Exposure

Manual Exposure puts you in the driver’s seat

It’s all about getting perfect shots!

Photo Tip Friday October 10, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I want to start off by saying I am thankful for having such good audiences. Without your enthusiastic desire to learn and grow I couldn’t have made it this far.

For this week’s photo tip I want to discuss why you should take your photography experience to the next level by learning to ...

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Digital Point and Shoot Camera Class

Picks for Mom

Think Of Mom!

Digital Point and Shoot Camera Class

Exciting NEW class coming up for the beginner with a compact camera.

Look for the “Picks for Mom” badge over the next few weeks.

We also have gift certificates available in any amount, or gift a class tickets if there ...

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