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Exposure| Beginners Digital Camera Class

Beginners Digital Camera Class Exposure Edition

Unleash the power of your digital Camera

Beginners Digital Camera class is a two part workshop and you learn about your camera settings and controls. Each part is Two hours with theory and hands on.
In this four hour class you will explore the hidden functions of your Digital camera and learn about Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance, and more. This workshop is primarily intended for photographers using digital SLR cameras, but many Manual capable ...

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Focal Point Part 1

How important Focal point is

What is the definition of Focal Point?

The dictionary defines it as:

“focal point |?f?k?l ?point|


the point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction, or the point from which diverging rays or waves appear to proceed.

  • the centre of interest or activity: almost every sizeable city can have a junior college that can act as a focal point for cultural activity.”

How is ...

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Beginners Digital Camera Bootcamp

Beginners Digital Camera Bootcamp

8 weeks program $400.00.

A complete workshop for beginners to intermediate photographers

Beginners Digital Photography Bootcamp consists of eight, three-hour sessions on Wednesday nights each week. All sessions include a mix of theory in the classroom, as well as practical instruction. Participants have opportunities for shooting photographs on field trips, as well as reviewing and discussing their images with an instructor.

Session 1 (January 25th 2017 from 6-9 pm):

Introduction to photography, how digital cameras ...

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Photography Bootcamp Abbotsford

Photography Bootcamp Abbotsford

Only 3 spots left for this workshop!

We are pleased to announce that our New digital photography bootcamp will start on September 21st. Digital photography bootcamp is an eight week program and covers all the important settings in digital photography.

Why should you consider the digital photography bootcamp?

If you just got your first digital SLR camera, or have had it for several months, digital photography bootcamp will equipped you with all the techniques that ...

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