Digital Camera classes for Fraser Valley

Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera 3

Understanding Exposure In Digital Camera Part 3 White Balance in Digital Photography Last week I talked about controlling exposure by using ISO, Shutter speed, and Aperture. These variables control the exposure, which is brightness and contrast of the image. Exposure does not play a big rule in colour rendition, so this week I am going …

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Landscape Photography Workshop Fraser Valley

Landscape Photography Workshop Fraser Valley As the weather gets better and the daylight hours get longer, we are excited to announce our Outdoor Photography Workshop scheduled for April 27. It is a full day (three hours) hands-on workshop held outside in the field and taking photos. What will you learn from Outdoor Photography Workshop? We …

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Composition in Photography

Composition in Photography is important As we all know photography consists of techniques and art. Exposure, White Balance, Metering mode, etc. are the technical aspects of photography. Although they are very important, don’t forget the equally important artistic part which is Composition in photography. What is Composition in Photography? In photography, composition is the artistic …

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Omnilargess Digital camera Classes

Digital Photography Bootcamp Fraser Valley

Digital photography Bootcamp We are very pleased to announce our first series of Digital Photography workshops as a BOOTCAMP!  This bootcamp consists of eight, newly developed, workshops which will help you to build a solid foundation of photography techniques. Each session answers several popular questions in digital photography, and targets key foundational concepts for you …

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Street Photography

Vancouver Digital Camera exposure

Vancouver Digital Camera Exposure workshop 120 This hands-on workshop is specifically designed to help enthusiastic DSLR photographers understand the technical aspects of Photography, Exposure, and Creative settings on digital cameras, so they can get the most from their digital camera. It is ideal for people with digital SLR or Mirror-less cameras who want to learn …

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