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Digital Camera Workshop for Beginners

Digital Camera Workshops for Beginners Fraser Valley

Do you want to learn more about your digital camera settings and controls?

We  are pleased to announce our brand new developed Digital Camera Workshop for beginners. This workshop is scheduled for October 5, 2014 in Abbotsford.

On Sunday October 5, 2014 we are going to have our popular Digital Camera Class for beginners. If you have had your digital camera for sometime or just got yours and want to take better pictures, ...

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Digital Camera Classes Fraser Valley

Digital camera classes Fraser Valley

Do digital camera classes really help you take better pictures?

This is a very good question. Regardless of the type of digital camera you have, in my experience the answer is: Yes, it is always very helpful to take our digital camera classes. We offer a wide variety of workshops for digital photography from camera settings for beginners to the most advanced tweaking and operating features for pro photographers and for all camera ...

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Digital Photography Workshop

Composition in Outdoor Photography

Digital Photography workshop on October 4,

As we all know photography consists of Techniques and Art. Exposure, White Balance, Metering Mode, Etc. are the Technical part of photography. Although they are very important, don’t forget the Artistic part which is Composition.

What is Composition in Photography?

In Photography, Composition is the artistic part of photography. Here is a short description about Composition” “In the visual arts – in particular ...

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