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Spring Photography classes

Omnilargess Spring Photography Classes Line-up!

February has been a very busy month and I haven’t had a chance to stay in touch. With this in mind I decided to make a quick reference post regarding Spring Photography Classes and upcoming events from Omnilargess Services. There are many new workshops on my desk waiting to be finalized and scheduled. So stay tuned by subscribing to our free newsletter or if you are on Facebook just “LIKE” our Omnilargess Page, or ...

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Digital Camera Sensor Size

Confused about the differences in digital camera sensor sizes?

Digital Camera Sensor Sensor size is important in digital photography because it has an impact on image quality. If you have two cameras with the same pixel count, but one has a physically larger sensor than the other, the one with the larger sensor will usually produce better quality images. In simple terms a larger camera sensor allows the pixels to be made bigger and this has a positive impact ...

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The Great Camera Debate 1

The Great Camera Debate, Part 1  

Which Camera is the Best?

All camera manufactures claim that they make the best camera. But really, which camera is the best? It often depends on who you ask! In this article I am going to shed some light on the topic of the great camera debate.

Which camera is ‘the perfect camera’?

There is no such a thing as a ‘perfect camera’. It really comes down to the type of ...

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Digital Camera workshop

Digital Camera workshop for Beginners

Unleash the power of your digital Camera

Digital Camera workshop for beginners is a two part class and you learn about your camera settings and controls. Each part is three hours with theory and hands on.
In this 6 hour class you will explore the hidden functions of your Digital camera and learn about Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance, and more. This workshop is primarily intended for photographers using digital SLR cameras, but ...

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