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Tulip Field Photography Workshop

Tulip Field Photography workshop

Our next Tulip Field Photography is on April 29th

We had our first Tulip Field Photography workshop on Friday April 1st and it went GREAT! The weather was gorgeous and everyone enjoyed taking photos of beautiful tulips.

In all Digital Camera Bootcamp classes I always mention the importance of the Histogram and why I recommend learning to use the Histogram to evaluate the exposure. On a bright sunny day it is next to impossible ...

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Omnilargess Digital Camera Classes

Why are Omnilargess Digital Camera Classes unique? 

There are lots of Photography workshops around and I believe they are all good, but Omnilargess Digital Camera classes are unique. We approach Digital Camera Photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom classes a little differently than most. We develop our workshops by listening to our students, researching demands in the market, and continually update our workshop content to keep pace with the fast changing technology of digital cameras and software.

We have received many ...

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Digital Photography Bootcamp

Digital Photography Bootcamp Abbotsford

We are pleased to announce that our New digital photography bootcamp will start on May 4th. Digital photography bootcamp is an eight week program and covers all the important settings in digital photography.

Why should you consider the digital photography bootcamp?

If you just got your first digital SLR camera, or have had it for several months, digital photography bootcamp will equipped you with all the techniques that you need to operate your ...

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Digital Camera Workshop

Digital Camera Workshop for beginners

Digital Camera workshop will guide you through the most important technical settings of your camera, and help you get the control you need to get the results you want. Begin improving your images with a few simple tips to get you started, and have fun learning alongside other women who want to get a better handle on the cameras they own.

Suitable for:

The beginner, and the enthusiast photographer.


This digital camera workshop ...

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