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Master the Art of Using your Flash Indoors – Indoor Flash Photography Class

Picks for Mom

Yet another great idea for that amazing mom you know.

Mother’s Day is getting closer. Why not get her the gift of education?

Look for the “Picks ...

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How to take better indoor pictures

Do you want to take better indoor pictures?

For taking better indoor photos we need to use a flash. That we all know. But do you know how to use your flash to get the best possible result? Flash Photography Techniques are the main part of our Indoor Flash Photography Workshop on November 8 from 4-8pm.

There are different techniques that will help us to improve the image quality by using the flash. You may say “But all of ...

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Review on FlashRight

New Flash Diffuser

A few years ago I wrote an article about flash diffusers and I reviewed Gary Fung’s Lightsphere. I wrote that it was the best light modifier for flash photography and complained about the bulkiness and size of it.

Later on Gary Fung came out with the collapsable version of the Lightsphere. I found another problem with this version! It does not fit easily in big flashes such as Nikon SB900! You have to modify it to ...

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