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Free Photography Workshop

A Free Photography Workshop on Smart Phone Photography

Smart Phones are part of our daily lifestyle. We use them for many different tasks, including photography. These days most of the newer smart phones are equipped with relatively good and simple to use cameras. But the key to success is to learn some fundamental rules of photography and create outstanding images, not just a smart phone photo!

Omnilargess Free Photography Workshop for Smart Phone Photography

At Omnilargess photography classes we recognize the importance of capturing a lifetime memory on a single but story-telling picture.

Since smart phones are usually the only cameras we never fail to carry, why not learn some fundamental basic rules to achieve our desired image?

On July 15th 2017 we are going to have our free photography workshop on how to take better pictures using smart phones. Remember to mark that day on your schedules and take advantage of this opportunity.

Free Smart Phone photography workshop

Smart phone free photography workshop
Use simple photography techniques in your Smart Phone photography to create better pictures.

Smart phone free photography workshop

Photography has two major parts, Exposure and Composition. In this free photography workshop, we are going to focus on composition only.

Some very basic composition rules help you to capture more dynamic and eye-catching photos.

Foe instance take a look at this photo. It is a very ordinary and static picture.

Camera Orientation

Free Photography workshop
Smart phone in landscape mode. An ordinary photo!

But as you noticed, changing the orientation of our camera (smart phone), resulted in a way more dynamic image.

Camera Orientation

By just rotating the smart phone/camera and change the orientation, you can create a dynamic image.
By just rotating the smart phone/camera and change the orientation, you can create a dynamic image.

Another example

Rule of thirds is one of the many rules of composition. By applying the Rule of thirds, you invite your viewers to see the story behind the photos:

Rule of Thirds in Smart Phone Photography

Free Photography Workshop
Applying Rule of Thirds in Smart Phone photography takes your photography skills to next level.

Where is the location

Omnilargess Free Photography Workshop is on Saturday, July 15th from 2-4pm at High Street Shopping Centre G135- 3122 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, V2T 0C5

Omnilargess Free Photography Workshop

Free Smart Phone Photography Seminar

July 15th 2-4pm High Street Shopping Centre

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

We love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for upcoming tutorials and tips. That is all for now. See you there.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

The Winner is ….

And the Winner is….

Award Announcement for August 31st Seminar

On August 31st  Omnilargess Workshops hosted our second Challenge Your Artistic View, an opportunity for photographers to have one image evaluated and judged by professionals and their peers.  This free workshop was held in our Abbotsford office and we enjoyed a variety of entries and discussion about the merits of each image. I want to thank Jason Brown from Revival Arts Studio for judging the photos and selecting the winner.

Congratulations to all our participants – it takes courage to submit your work for critique and review!  Everyone agreed it was a beneficial opportunity on the path to becoming better photographers.  And the learning never really ends, as technology changes along with our skill level.    

For the recipient of the $20 gift card the judge chose a charming image of a Sunset, shot by Dwayne Thornhill. Here is the winner picture

The winner is

The winner is Dwayne Thornhill with this amazing Sunset photo. Exposure and composition drag you to the scene.

The winner is Dwayne and He looks very happy and pride! Congratulation to Dwayne

The winner is Dwayne and he looks very happy and pride! Congratulation to Dwayne

The participants also got to vote for a class favorite and the winner of that distinction goes to Rick McDonald , for his cute and funny image. Here is the honorary photo

Second place goes to Rick McDonald for this amazing and funny shot

Second place goes to Rick McDonald for this amazing and funny shot

Thanks again to all who signed up for this event.  Stayed tuned for announcements for the next date and an opportunity to bring us your work for review and evaluation in a positive, friendly environment. Check our UPCOMING CLASSES for new exciting workshops.

Until then, happy shooting,

Ted and the Omnilargess team


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Omnilargess Free Seminar

Challenge Your Artistic View

You’re invited to participate in a Free Seminar by Omnilargess Photography Classes

On June 22nd 2016 from 7 pm to 8 pm, Omnilargess Photography Classes is hosting a very special event open to all photographers. We’re inviting you to bring one image to the event for evaluation and constructive analysis. In this event Cheryl Wiens ( and Ted will examine the photos, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and select a winner. Seminar participants will also get to vote by private ballot for an Honorary Winner.

Are you ready to be critiqued by professional photographers and your peers?

Evaluating strengths and weaknesses in photographic images is an important learning opportunity for everyone. We all enjoy getting “likes” and “favs” on the images we share on social media sites, and yet how often do we get valuable feedback on why an image works and what could improve it? Constructive criticism not only helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of a single image, it is a way to become better overall in the art and craft of photography. If you are ready to bring your best shot to this event, not only will you gain valuable tips about your own work, but also from the work of other participants. This is a free seminar where you will learn many critical points and also have a chance to win a $20.Gift Card!

Omnilargess Christmas Gift Cards

Omnilargess Gift card can make all photographers happy

What do you need to do?

1-Register for this FREE event now. There are only 9 spots available.

2-Bring your best shot in a digital format (Jpeg or Tiff) on a USB drive or memory card.

3-Sit and learn from the judge’s critiques and find out who is the winner. It might be you!


Unit 209B-32900 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford (Seven Oaks Shopping Centre). Phone: 604-774-1900

This event is open to all photographers and the winner will receive a $20.00 Gift Card.