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Removing Background in Photoshop

Removing Background in Photoshop by using Layer and Mask

Photoshop Layers and Masks can be used for a wide variety of jobs; the best thing about using Photoshop Layers and Mask is that they are non-destructive adjustments. In this article I am going to discuss “Removing Background in Photoshop”, Using Layers and Mask, and Quick Selection tool.

What does Non-destructive mean?

In simplest terms, whenever you make changes with a photo editing program you change the pixels of the ...

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Photoshop Colour Accent

Photoshop Colour Accent Effect

Photoshop Colour accent is one of the most popular digital effects. It is very easy to apply and can be used with a variety of photos. In this article I show you how easy it is achieve several different colour accents using layers and masks. One of the main advantages of using layers and masks are that you control how much of the effect you want to apply to a particular part of the image.

If ...

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Vancouver Digital Camera workshop for beginners

Vancouver Digital Camera Workshop for Beginners

Understanding settings and functions of digital camera

Workshop date: October 24 from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Location: City Square Shopping Centre,
#168-555 W. 12th Ave. (Next to Administration Office), Vancouver, BC

Do you want to learn about Basic Digital Camera setting?

Vancouver Digital Camera workshop helps you to control and unleash the power of your digital camera.

Working with Digital cameras can be as easy ...

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Photoshop Non-Destructive Sharpening

Photoshop Non Destructive Sharpening 

How to use Photoshop Non Destructive Sharpening Layer

Photo Tip Friday March 27

Sharpening a picture in Photoshop can be very tricky. It requires you to adjust the Amount of sharpening, the Radius and Threshold of the image to achieve the right amount of sharpening. Unfortunately, if you apply the Sharpening directly to the photo and save it you will permanently change the pixels. If, after you print the photo, you realize there ...

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