Full day Vancouver Photoshop Class

Photoshop Colour Accent

Photoshop Colour Accent Effect Photoshop Colour accent is one of the most popular digital effects. It is very easy to apply and can be used with a variety of photos. In this article I show you how easy it is achieve several different colour accents using layers and masks. One of the main advantages of

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Vancouver Digital Camera workshop for beginners

Vancouver Digital Camera Workshop for Beginners Understanding settings and functions of digital camera Workshop date: October 24 from 10:00am to 5:00pm Location: City Square Shopping Centre, #168-555 W. 12th Ave. (Next to Administration Office), Vancouver, BC Do you want to learn about Basic Digital Camera setting? Vancouver Digital Camera workshop helps you to control and

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Fall outdoor photography class

Photoshop Layers Tutorial

Photoshop Layers Tutorial How to create a Graduated Neutral Density Filter using Photoshop Layers Photo Tip Friday March 20 Photoshop Layers and Masks can be used for a wide variety of jobs; the best thing about using Photoshop Layers and Mask is that they are non-destructive adjustments. What does Non-destructive mean? In simplest terms, whenever

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