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Creative Uses Of Shutter Speed

Creative uses of shutter speed in photography

Part 3

Shutter speed is one of several methods used to control the amount of light recorded by the camera’s digital sensor or film. It is also used to manipulate the visual effects of the final image beyond its luminosity.

Examples of creative uses of Shutter Speed

Images taken with a slower shutter speed invoke a visual sense of movement. Slower shutter speeds are often selected to suggest movement in a ...

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Rules Of Thumbs For Shutter Speed

Some rules of thumb for shutter speed

Part 2

Here are some rules of thumbs for Shutter speed shooting.

Rule #1: Stay above 1/60

If you are using a tripod, you can go below this speed, but when hand holding the camera, always stay above this speed. If you do not, you will tend to get blurring from camera movement. Image Stabilization (IS or VR in the lens or sensor shift in the camera body) can help, but only ...

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HDR – Putting it all together

HDR – putting it all together

Merging photos to create HDR images in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC

I love HDR pictures and when I found out I can do HDR in the new Lightroom CC, I was so excited. In this article I am going to show you how to use Lightroom CC to merge multiple photos into a single HDR image.

After importing photos to Lightroom, in Library module select the pictures that you want to merge.

Then ...

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Technique: HDR

Technique: HDR

Introduction to HDR for creating better pictures

Part 1

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Human eyes can see more details in highlights and shadows which, if we compare it to a photography term, is equivalent to 6-7 EV stops. Compare this to a modern digital camera which has around 3 EV stops if you shoot in RAW format and around 1 EV stop in Jpeg. In short, we can see ...

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