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Understanding the Histogram
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Focal Point part 2

Exploring ways to create Focal Point in your picture

In Part 1 we defined focal point and discussed why it is a key ingredient for dynamic eye-catching images. In Part 2 let’s jump right in and take a look at some ways to incorporate focal point for more compelling images.


One of the best way to create visual focal points is to isolate your subject. The rain drop in this picture is a great example.

I could have ...

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Digital Camera auto Focus

Understanding your digital camera’s Auto Focus system

Photo Tip 

Have you ever wondered why your camera doesn’t always focus on your subject? Or thought there was something wrong with the AutoFocus function of your camera?

Is there something wrong with my digital camera autofocus system?

In this article, we are going to look at Auto Focus features for new digital cameras. There are several options available for Auto Focus, and we cover most of them in our

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Manual Exposure

Manual Exposure puts you in the driver’s seat

It’s all about getting perfect shots!

Photo Tip Friday October 10, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I want to start off by saying I am thankful for having such good audiences. Without your enthusiastic desire to learn and grow I couldn’t have made it this far.

For this week’s photo tip I want to discuss why you should take your photography experience to the next level by learning to ...

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Outdoor Photography Class Fall Colour

Outdoor Photography Class Fall Colour Edition

Two part workshop for capturing better photos 

Autumn is almost here with exciting opportunities to photograph the colourful images of fall. Fall is my favourite season because of the light, the vibrant colours and being out in the fresh outdoor air. Taking photos outdoors, especially in autumn, needs specific know-how techniques. Our Outdoor Photography Class is scheduled for October 5 and all camera makes and models are welcome.

This is a two ...

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Digital Camera Classes Fraser Valley

Digital camera classes Fraser Valley

Do digital camera classes really help you take better pictures?

This is a very good question. Regardless of the type of digital camera you have, in my experience the answer is: Yes, it is always very helpful to take our digital camera classes. We offer a wide variety of workshops for digital photography from camera settings for beginners to the most advanced tweaking and operating features for pro photographers and for all camera ...

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Digital Camera Autofocus Modes

Digital Camera Autofocus Modes


Understanding Autofocus Modes in Digital Cameras

Photo Tip Friday August 15, 2014

Did you know that your digital camera has different Autofocus modes?

Do you know how to select the correct autofocus mode for the best results?

Almost all new digital cameras have very sophisticated autofocus system, but you don’t need to know all the technical specifications to benefit from this advanced technology. All you need to know is which the best autofocus mode for ...

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Digital Photography Workshop

Composition in Outdoor Photography

Digital Photography workshop on October 4,

As we all know photography consists of Techniques and Art. Exposure, White Balance, Metering Mode, Etc. are the Technical part of photography. Although they are very important, don’t forget the Artistic part which is Composition.

What is Composition in Photography?

In Photography, Composition is the artistic part of photography. Here is a short description about Composition” “In the visual arts – in particular ...

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