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Focal Point part 2

Exploring ways to create Focal Point in your picture

In Part 1 we defined focal point and discussed why it is a key ingredient for dynamic eye-catching images. In Part 2 let’s jump right in and take a look at some ways to incorporate focal point for more compelling images.


One of the best way to create visual focal points is to isolate your subject. The rain drop in this picture is a great example.

I could have ...

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Capturing Amazing Pictures

Tips for capturing amazing pictures every time! 

The Great Camera Debate Part 7

In the previous article I discussed the importance of a camera lens over a camera body. In this article we are going to look at the importance of education and skills.

Look at these two photos and try to guess what kind of camera and lens were used to capture each of these photos:

Please take a moment after you’ve studied the images and make ...

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Vancouver Digital Camera Workshop

Vancouver Digital Camera Workshop for Beginners

Understanding settings and functions of digital camera

Do you want to learn about Basic Digital Camera setting?

Working with Digital cameras can be as easy as setting the camera to AUTO mode and letting the camera make the decisions for you, right? No! A camera does not have a brain. It does not know what you want to create or what is your main subject. There are so many ...

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Creative Uses Of Aperture

Creative uses of Aperture

Part 2

In last article I explained what Aperture is and how it works. In this article we are going to look at some creative uses of Aperture.

Aperture not only controls the exposure, it also controls the Depth Of Field.

What is Depth of Field?

Let’s go to Wikipedia for a basic definition of Depth of Field (DOF):

In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field ...

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Omnilargess Digital Camera workshop

Student Photos from Digital Camera Bootcamp workshop

Learn How Omnilargess Digital Camera workshops can help you improving your photography skills

Here at Omnilargess Services we love to see the ways our workshops help students improve their photography skills. This section of the blog is dedicated to students’ photos. We constantly evolve our teaching techniques to meet the fast changes in digital cameras and digital editing techniques to make sure that our students learn the information. In this section ...

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Beginners Digital Camera Bootcamp

Beginners Digital Camera Bootcamp

8 weeks program $400.00.

Fall 2015

We just schedule our very popular Beginners Digital Camera Bootcamp for Fall 2015. There are only 9 seats available for this workshop. It is an eight week program which covers almost everything fro setting up your digital camera to how to shoot in Manual mode. You may start as a beginner, but by the end of this program you are ready to shoot like a pro.

Beginners Digital Camera Bootcamp consists of ...

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Outdoor Photography Techniques Workshop

Outdoor Photography Techniques Workshop

Are you ready for awesome Spring landscape?

We are now officially in to Spring and with the wonderful changes in the weather and landscapes, you may want to consider doing some outdoor photography. Landscape and outdoor photography techniques are very simple and a good working knowledge of metering modes and selective focusing can have a big impact on your photos. Additionally, the rules of good composition often work very well but there will also be times when ...

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Digital Photography Classes

Digital Photography classes for Spring 2015

A quick list of upcoming Omnilargess digital photography classes

Hello everyone

I just put together a list of our new upcoming Digital Photography classes for spring 2015. All of these workshops are redesigned. Please feel free to check them out and let us know if you have more questions.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team



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