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Digital Camera auto Focus

Understanding your digital camera’s Auto Focus system

Photo Tip 

Have you ever wondered why your camera doesn’t always focus on your subject? Or thought there was something wrong with the AutoFocus function of your camera?

Is there something wrong with my digital camera autofocus system?

In this article, we are going to look at Auto Focus features for new digital cameras. There are several options available for Auto Focus, and we cover most of them in our

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Outdoor Photography Class Fall Colour

Outdoor Photography Class Fall Colour Edition

Two part workshop for capturing better photos 

Autumn is almost here with exciting opportunities to photograph the colourful images of fall. Fall is my favourite season because of the light, the vibrant colours and being out in the fresh outdoor air. Taking photos outdoors, especially in autumn, needs specific know-how techniques. Our Outdoor Photography Class is scheduled for October 5 and all camera makes and models are welcome.

This is a two ...

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Outdoor Photography Workshop

Saturday July 20, 2013 – Saturday July 20, 2013

34350 Bateman Rd

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Outdoor Photography Workshop

Instructor: Ted Samzadeh

Are you interested in capturing gorgeous landscape images?

We’ve just added another photography workshop to our current image editing and photography classes. Outdoor Photography workshop is developed for capturing perfect outdoor images which requires a variety of solid techniques. Come and join us for ...

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