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Outdoor Manual Shooting Photography

Improve your Outdoor photos by Manual Shooting On November 14th when we had our Outdoor Photography Workshop here in Abbotsford, the day was cloudy and overcast, but we had a good chance on trying different techniques including Manual Shooting. Here is what Caroline posted on Facebook about her experience: [testimonial_wrap] [testimonial]I took the outdoor photography

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Manual Shooting

Outdoor Photography Techniques

Photography Outdoor Pictures Learn how and when to use Manual Exposure Full hands on, outdoor photography workshop Understanding Light and Exposure in Digital Cameras This is a three hour workshop exploring outdoor photography techniques. You will learn how to read the ambient light, set the exposure, use Custom White Balance, and much more! Requirement: This workshop is primarily

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Vancouver Digital Camera workshop

Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera

Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera Part 1 Light and Exposure Photo Tip Friday March 7, 2014 Ambient Light All artists use raw materials to work with and create a piece of art. For example a painter needs brushes, paints and canvas to make a painting. Photography as Art The word photography derives from Greek and

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