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Photoshop Layers more in depth

Photoshop Layers more in Depth 

Photoshop Layers is a powerful tool when you learn the uses and workflow of this amazing tool.

Here is an example that you can do almost all of your editing non-destructivly by using Photoshop Layers. In this photo I like how the leaves are composed and backlit.

But I don’t care about the background as it is too distractive and sky in this photo is just a white spot which is distractive as well. So I decided to ...

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Create Calendar in Photoshop

Create a Calendar in Photoshop

How to create a personalized calendar in Photoshop

Photo Tip Friday October 4, 2014

This tutorial is about how to create a calendar in Photoshop and customize it as a Christmas present for your family members and friends. You can use your own digital photos to create a unique calendar to give family and friends to hang in their home to remember you and enjoy your photos. You can add important dates ...

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Add the Moon to Photo

Creative Project: add the Moon to photo

Plus “Color Look Up”: another PS Hidden Gem

Photo Tip Friday October 26, 2014 

Have you seen those images with the moon in a landscape and wondered how it was done? In this tutorial you will learn how to add the moon to a photo so that it looks natural; I’m also going to talk about another Photoshop Hidden Gem for turning a day time photo to night scene picture.

There ...

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Create Watermark Action

 Creating Watermark Action in Photoshop

It is super easy to create a Watermark Action in Photoshop CC

Photo Tip Friday September 19, 2014

I have posted this article back in 2011, and recently after having out Photoshop and Lightroom classes, I receive more requests regarding Watermark action. It seems that photographers are getting more aware about what is going on in social media websites and want to protect their copyrights.

In this short article you learn how to ...

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Photoshop Editing class Fraser Valley

Photoshop Editing Class


Fall 2014 Bootcamp

6 parts program $300.00.

Photoshop editing class is an 18 hour (3 hour workshop in each session) course. This group of hands-on workshops is specifically designed to help enthusiastic digital photographers understand the technical aspects of digital photography editing software (such as Photoshop Elements or CC), Management and organizing digital photos, learning Photoshop Elements or CC or CS, using different tools, creating effects, most common post processing workflow, and artistic re-composition rules and ...

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Photoshop Crop Tool

Photoshop Crop Tool Tip

Photoshop Hidden Gem series 

Photo Tip Friday July 18, 2014

Photoshop is the most popular editing software around. It is also a vast program to learn and I don’t know of anyone who can claim to know everything in Photoshop. This is why, once in awhile, we are excited to find some Hidden Gems in Photoshop. In this series of Photoshop Tips I am going to share some of these hidden gems. These ...

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Removing Dust and Scratch in Photoshop

Removing Dust and Scratch from old photos

using Photoshop tools

Photo Tip Friday July 27, 2014


canada-flag copy

Occasionally as photographers you may be asked to retouch some old prints from negative or slides. No matter how good the old photo may be there are always some creases and dust particles to remove. So ...

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