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How to create a digital backdrop in Photoshop Elements or CC

Photo Tip Friday February 21, 2014

We all know how important it is to shoot portraits against a nice backdrop. But we may not always have access to different colours or patterns for backdrops. Thanks to digital capture and editing processes, we can create our very own customized backdrop in Photoshop Elements or CC in no time. For those of you who haven’t yet worked out how ...

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Colourize Black and White photo in Photoshop

How to colourize Black and white Photo

10 easy steps in Photoshop to bring some colours back to old photos!

We all know how to convert a colour image into a black and white photo in Photoshop. But converting a Black and White photo to colour is not as simple.

To colourize a black and white photo you need to understand the colour in the picture and try to be as close to real colour as possible.

In this tutorial ...

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Photoshop Elements Simple enhancement

Photoshop Elements Simple Enhancement

Adjusting Levels

Sometimes all it needs is a simple adjustment in Photoshop Elements to make a “good picture” to a “nice photo”. As digital photographers we all know the importance of ¬†“Histogram” in capturing the correct exposure. Did you know that in Photoshop Elements “Histogram” and understanding “Levels” can save us lots of time?

Here is an example of how by understanding Histogram and Levels you can make a simple enhancement which changes your photos ...

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