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Lightroom Smart Collection

Lightroom Smart Collection as an Assistant Part 4

Lightroom Smart Collection is truly smart 

Previously we looked at Lightroom Folders, Quick Collection, and Collections. In this article I’m  going to discuss Lightroom’s Smart Collection and how it can be very useful for all types of photography assignments.

What is Lightroom Smart Collection?

Lightroom Smart Collection is in fact a collection that we looked at in a previous article, with the added power of setting specific ...

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Five Photography Tips

Digital Photography Tips

Five simple photography tips to improve your pictures

Photo Tip Friday August 29, 2014

Digital cameras are tools and like other types of tools they help us do a job faster and better. In fact digital cameras do not take pictures, they just capture what photographers tell them to capture! Understanding the settings and capability of your camera is the most important thing for taking better photos.

In this short article I am going to ...

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Lightroom Radial Filter

Lightroom Radial Filter

Lightroom Hidden Gem series

Lightroom is probably the best program for managing and organizing images. Lightroom also has many hidden gems and in this article I am going to look at the usefulness of the RADIAL FILTER for selective adjustments.

You may have used the Radial Filter to adjust the exposure or add some effects to your photos like in these examples:



Did you know that you can use the Radial Filter in Lightroom to ...

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