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Natural Light Model Photography

Natural Light Model Photography Techniques

Using Multiple Sources of Natural Light

I recently shot this image in my master bedroom.

Sometimes when we talk about shooting natural light in a house, we just think of it in a single dimension. However, if you train your eye you will be able to see how the same light source (the sun/clouds) can have multiple angles depending on where you locate your model.

In this case, we have three different angles the model ...

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Model Photography Tip

Model Photography Tip!

How to create Better model portrait

How to Dramatically Improve your Portraits with a Minor Adjustment

Do you ever look at portraits and wonder why some grab your attention and others just seem to be a bit of a yawn? Often the difference in these two images are minor differences. In portrait photography it is very important to pay attention to minor details. When I am shooting, I have a mental check list that ...

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