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Importance of Manual Shooting

Improve your Outdoor photos by Manual Shooting

On June 18th we are going to have another Outdoor Photography Workshop here in Abbotsford, it is a full day outdoor photography and you will have a good chance on trying different techniques including Manual Shooting.

Here are few testimonials from our previous students:

Krystal Creelman wrote:

Ted’s an amazing teacher. He answered our questions with such passion and clarity, it got the whole class excited and eager to learn more.   Thanks Ted for giving me the confidence I needed to put my creative ideas into ‘focus’. Even though class is done, I now reserve every Wednesday for photography. I’ve already signed up for another class & look forward to taking more in the near future.”

Caroline Cari said:

“I took the outdoor photography course last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I learned new tricks I never knew before and how to take better pictures. Thank you for an excellent experience and looking forward to joining more classes.”

For more Testimonials check our students testimonial page.

I would like to thank everyone for joining the class and all the amazing and useful feedbacks we received.

Here are some photos from one of our previous Outdoor class:

And here are some photos that Caroline shared with us

Manual Shooting

In Manual shooting the background can not change the exposure

Manual Shooting

Caroline controlled the shutter speed to create motion blurred

Manual Shooting

Panning was one of the techniques that carline loved.

Does Manual Shooting really improve the photo quality?

That is a tough question to answer. But as a rule of thumbs, in Manual Shooting you are in full control over the settings and exposure. With this amount of control, you need to be more careful about the exposure and need to constantly check the light and adjust the exposure.

How can you master Manual Shooting?

In short, you need to train your brain to continuously check the light and exposure meter of your camera. Practicing and education are essential in achieving this skill. That is why I arrange the Outdoor Manual Shooting hands on workshops. So pick up an assignment for outdoor shooting and only use manual shooting for this exercise. You may slow down the process of taking your desired photo, but will end up with more impressing pictures at the end of the day.

For more information check our Upcoming Classes.

Ted and the Omnilargess Team

Outdoor Flash class coming up!

Don’t miss out on the upcoming Outdoor Flash Photography Techniques class that is coming up in just a few days! On Friday, Aug. 23rd (6-8pm), Ted will be taking you through the daunting world of flash in a quickly changing lighting scenario. When we are shooting photographs outdoors, there are so many things that are beyond our control and we just have to put up with them…or are there???

This is a sentence I hear on a regular basis:

“I am a natural light photographer. Using a flash makes the picture look fake and similar to a snapshot.”

Now, there is nothing wrong with natural light, but this tells me that the photographer simply has not learned how to conquer the use of their flash outdoors (and likely indoors as well). Don’t be the photographer who doesn’t know how. Learn the power of your flash outdoors to help combat flat drab lighting, as well as high contrast, sunny day lighting to balance out those nasty shadows. After taking this class, you will be able to use your flash in any situation where you can use it to your advantage. You will still be able to turn it off and shoot your natural light poses as well, so why not have both types of lighting at your disposal?

Don’t let Outdoor Flash conquer you! Get out there and conquer it!

Limited space available, register quickly to reserve your spot today!

Outdoor photo with no flash

Outdoor photo with no flash

Outdoor portrait with flash as fill light

Outdoor portrait with flash as fill light