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Filters for Digital Photography

Recommended filters for digital photography

There are many different types of photography filters. In this list, I recommend to most popular filters for digital photography.

What kind of filters do I need to use in my digital Photography?

This question is the number one question after each photography class. Here is my honest answer to this question:

For a moment, let’s pretend that we live in the ‘pre-digital era when we had the film as our media to capture an image. Manufacturers ...

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Five Photography Tips

Digital Photography Tips

Five simple photography tips to improve your pictures

Photo Tip Friday August 29, 2014

Digital cameras are tools and like other types of tools they help us do a job faster and better. In fact digital cameras do not take pictures, they just capture what photographers tell them to capture! Understanding the settings and capability of your camera is the most important thing for taking better photos.

In this short article I am going to ...

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Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera

Understanding Exposure in Digital Camera Part 1

Light and Exposure

Photo Tip Friday March 7, 2014

Ambient Light

All artists use raw materials to work with and create a piece of art. For example a painter needs brushes, paints and canvas to make a painting.

Photography as Art

The word photography derives from Greek and means Painting With Light, which is an excellent way of describing what we do. I always use the analogy in my ...

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