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Photo Tip Friday October 25

Photo Tip Friday October 25

The Magical Power of Photoshop Layers! 

Did you know that Photoshop is not a non-destructive software? What does that mean to you?

That means, if you do not have the right workflow, you can make irreversible changes to your original image. Stay tuned for our upcoming Photoshop Editing Bootcamp  to learn more about workflow in Photoshop.

In this tip I am going to show you How to remove the background  safely by using Layers and Masking.

Removing ...

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Blending layers in Photoshop Elements

Blending Layers in Photoshop Elements

Layers are one of the most important and powerful features in Photoshop Elements. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to remove the background of one image, while adding the subject to another image. It is called “Blending Layers”. Let’s get started!

I have this picture of a toy camera and want to remove the background. Then I want to add the camera into another photo. What is the fastest and easiest ...

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How to find the print size

How to find the print size?

File size Vs print size?

This is a question that we are asked frequently. As always there is a ton of technical information available, which I don’t have space to cover here.  I will give you some basic guidelines, such as defining file size and how to decide if a file is big enough to meet your client’s print requirements.

First we should know the pixel dimensions of our cameras. By using this ...

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Photoshop Elements Simple enhancement

Photoshop Elements Simple Enhancement

Adjusting Levels

Sometimes all it needs is a simple adjustment in Photoshop Elements to make a “good picture” to a “nice photo”. As digital photographers we all know the importance of  “Histogram” in capturing the correct exposure. Did you know that in Photoshop Elements “Histogram” and understanding “Levels” can save us lots of time?

Here is an example of how by understanding Histogram and Levels you can make a simple enhancement which changes your photos ...

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Infrared action for Photoshop

Make a Pseudo Infrared Action in Photoshop?

Stay tuned for more info about our new photography and Photoshop workshops in January.

This month we encourage you to sharpen your Photoshop skills by creating new Actions. If you find something interesting to share, we’d like to hear about it. Send a copy of the Action to our Photoshop Team.

We’ll publish it in our newsletter with your name, so everyone can enjoy the speed and ease of use of Actions.

Let’s get to ...

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Water Mark Action for Photoshop

 Creating Watermark Action in Photoshop

We all know the value of using watermarks for images which will be on the internet, or on proofs such as school shots. Several readers asked for an easy way to watermark an image, and if there is a commercial software for watermarking photos. There are several different ways to add watermark in to your images. Here I am going to explain an easy way of how to create a Watermark Action in Photoshop ...

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Photoshop Tip (Printing)

Printing Odd Sized Photos

This year we had an amazing Fall. Colors were so vibrant. Now you want to print some of those images and frame them. May be you want to give the pictures to someone you love. Wait a minute you may have some very nice classy frames to use, but they are odd sizes! What can you do?

Photography Workshop

Tamara from Beyond Exposure Photography ...

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Photoshop & image editing class Fraser Valley

Introducing our newest line-up

of Photo editing and Photography 

workshops For Lower Main Land BC

For many years Omnilargess Services has offered camera and lighting workshops, as well as the occasional seminar on other digital photography topics. We are excited to launch our F.I.R.E. and I.C.E. programs which allow you to start with the basics and then take your learning even further. Please visit our  website to have a ...

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