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Upscaling Photos in Photoshop

Upscaling photos in Photoshop

Upscaling photos in Photoshop CC is another Hidden Gem!

Photo Tip Friday August 8, 2014

Upscaling means that you resize a photo to a larger size image than the original. In older versions of Photoshop it was possible to upscale a photo, but the software couldn’t provide a very clean and neat larger image. Other plugins such as Genuine Fractals  were often a more popular choice to up-sample images in Photoshop.

Upscaling ...

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Photoshop Crop Tool

Photoshop Crop Tool Tip

Photoshop Hidden Gem series 

Photo Tip Friday July 18, 2014

Photoshop is the most popular editing software around. It is also a vast program to learn and I don’t know of anyone who can claim to know everything in Photoshop. This is why, once in awhile, we are excited to find some Hidden Gems in Photoshop. In this series of Photoshop Tips I am going to share some of these hidden gems. These ...

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Creating a Beautiful Photoshop Pencil Drawing

Creating a Beautiful Photoshop Pencil Drawing 

Photoshop Tutorials

Photo Tip Friday July 11, 2014

This week’s tutorial is about creating a beautiful Photoshop pencil drawing. There are times that you want to create something different, or perhaps experiment with something new, stretching your artistic vision to the next level. Adobe Photoshop provides plenty of tools for you to explore digital art and extend your artistic vision to a new horizon.

Photoshop is not just about cleaning the image ...

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Removing Dust and Scratch in Photoshop

Removing Dust and Scratch from old photos

using Photoshop tools

Photo Tip Friday July 27, 2014


canada-flag copy

Occasionally as photographers you may be asked to retouch some old prints from negative or slides. No matter how good the old photo may be there are always some creases and dust particles to remove. So here ...

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