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Private Photography Lessons

Give a Gift of Private Photography Lessons 

It is The Best Gift for a Photography Buff

As the holidays are nearing and we all have gift giving on our minds, we thought we would remind you that we carry Gift Certificates! If there was a workshop that you’ve wanted to attend, but it never seemed to fit into the budget or you want to rent some new photography equipment before buying – now is the time! You ...

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Photography Private Lessons

Photography private lessons in Fraser Valley, BC

Lightroom, Photoshop, and Digital Photography private Lessons

We introduced Our photography private lessons back in April 2013; these private classes have become very popular with new inquires for private lessons coming everyday.

Photography, in general, is a vast industry consisting of equipment knowledge, technical skills and artistic aspects. These are applied in many different specialty areas such as wedding, portrait, architectural, landscape, etc. The specialized nature of photography private lessons is one of the ...

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Add the Moon to Photo

Creative Project: add the Moon to photo

Plus “Color Look Up”: another PS Hidden Gem

Photo Tip Friday October 26, 2014 

Have you seen those images with the moon in a landscape and wondered how it was done? In this tutorial you will learn how to add the moon to a photo so that it looks natural; I’m also going to talk about another Photoshop Hidden Gem for turning a day time photo to night scene picture.

There ...

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Vancouver Photoshop workshop for beginners

Vancouver Photoshop Workshop for beginners

Have you ever wondered what makes one photograph stand out more than others? Looking for a new way to take your pictures to the next level? Having trouble wading through complicated editing programs and not getting the results you are after?

Look no further. Vancouver Photoshop Workshop is a full day class which helps you to identify different areas within a photo that need attention and helps you to take care of them with basic, simple and ...

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