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Yesterday, I talked about protecting the Highlights using the built-in camera feature.
In this post, I show you how quickly you can expand the Dynamic Range in photos.
1- Open an image in Lightroom Develop Module.
2- After the initial edit, while Holding down the SHIFT key:
3- Double Click on HIGHLIGHTS Slider.
4- Double Click on SHADOWS Slider.
5- Double Click on WHITES Slider.
6- Double Click on BLACKS Slider.
All done. ?
By holding down the SHIFT Key, Lightroom AI examines the photo and applies the adjustments. It is a good start, but you can fine-tweak the adjustments to your liking later.
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Lightroom Highlight Editing

Manual Exposure
Shooting for Highlights is the key for landscape photography. And a little Post-Processing brings back the details.

When I checked the EXIF Data, I found out that the camera didn’t register the off-camera flash as a light source. Therefore, it used the ambient light source, Fluorescent, for White Balance.

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