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Ted’s Lightroom Tips: Lightroom Simple Workflow

Lightroom Simple Workflow for Editing Raw Files

There are many different ways to edit Raw files. I have noticed that this Lightroom Simple Workflow works perfectly on many images.  

Lightroom Simple Workflow

Lightroom Simple Workflow
I used the Lightroom Simple workflow to edit this picture.

Ted’s Lightroom Simple Workflow:

This workflow is for Lightroom Classic, and you can modify and use it in other editing applications.

Start with the BASIC panel by adjusting the TONE, i.e. Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks. I usually change the Contrast if the photo needs to be more or less contrasty. 

Next, go to the PRESENCE tab to adjust Texture, Clarity, Dehaze, Vibrance, and Saturation.
A Quick Tip:
If there are persons in the picture, I don’t use saturation and clarity. I prefer using Vibrance and Texture instead.

Lightroom Simple Workflow

Lightroom Simple Workflow
This is the original photo. Sandy Biring took this picture in our Portrait Photography Class.

Lightroom Simple Workflow

Lightroom Simple Workflow
After Applying the Lightroom Simple Workflow, picture looks awesome.

After finishing with the above adjustments, look at the colours to ensure that the White Balance is correct.
And for the last step, I adjust the composition using the CROP tool.

Lightroom Simple Workflow

Lightroom Simple Workflow
Cropping photos is an art. Try different composition to find the best one.

Learn Advanced Workflow

We offer Lightroom and Photoshop Private lessons. Let us assist you in learning more advanced Workflows. These workflows save you tons of time.

Contact Us to book your private lessons.

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