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Adjust Perspective Distortion Using Lightroom Transform Tool


All lenses, especially wide-angle lenses, create perspective distortions. In Real estate Photography or Landscape Photography, distortions can be disturbing. Lightroom Transform tool can fix these flaws with just one click. 

In this article, I look into the Transform tool, correct the Upright Perspective automatically, and fine-tweak it manually.  

Lightroom Transform Tool

Lightroom Transform
In real estate photography, correct perspective is crucial. Thanks to the Lightroom Transform tool, Photographers can make the corrections easily.

Where is the Lightroom Transform Tool?

You find the Lightroom Transform tool in the Develop module under the Transform tab.

1- Open the image in Lightroom Develop Module.
2- Do your regular editing such as Cropping, Basic, etc.
3- Click on the Transform tab, and then click on AUTO. Lightroom automatically calculates the perspective of the image and applies the correction.

Lightroom Transform Tool

Lightroom Transform Tool

Here are the before and after images using the Auto.

Lightroom Transform Tool

Lightroom Transform Tool
Distorted image due to wide-angle lens

Lightroom Transform Tool

Lightroom Transform tool
One click on Auto in Transform tab, and Lightroom corrected the distortion!

Of course, it is just a quick fix. Lightroom Transform tool offers more; you can manually adjust the perspective using available sliders and fine-tweak pictures to your liking.

In the Lightroom Training program, I cover all tips and tricks on using each slider to achieve the best possible results.

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