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Save Hard Drive Space By Using Lightroom Virtual Copy


In this day and age, digital cameras have more megapixels; it quickly fills up the hard drives with duplicated pictures. 

One of the significant features of Lightroom is the “Virtual Copy.” Virtual Copy allows you to create different versions of a photo without duplicating it.


For instance, you may want three different versions of a photo, i.e. black and white, colour, and sepia tone, to present them to your clients. If you make copies of the original picture to show three versions, those copies take your hard drive space unnecessarily.   


Lightroom lets you create as many Virtual Copies as you want without duplicating original photos.


How to Create the Virtual Copy?

There are three ways to create Virtual Copies in Lightroom Library or Develop Module:

1- Right-click on a photo and select “Create Virtual Copy” from the drop-down menu.

2- Go to the top menu>Photo and select Create Virtual Copy

3- The shortcut or hotkey is Command + ‘ in Mac or Control + ‘ in Windows. And I love using hotkeys!

Lightroom Virtual Copy


Lightroom Virtual Copy

Lightroom Virtual Copy

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