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Inspiring New Photographers Since 2005 

Omnilargess photography classes have been inspiring new photographers since 2005. And I am very proud of our achievements. 


Many people have the artistic spirit inside and need a little encouragement to start showing their talents. Inspiring new photographers is our number one mission at Omnilargess Photography classes.


Natalie Stevenson’s testimony is a powerful story on how Omnilargess photography Bootcamp inspired her using her gift of art. 

Inspiring New Photographers

Inspiring New Photographers

I actually took Ted’s photography Bootcamp program because I bought my son a digital camera for his birthday and he asked if I would take the class with him.

My intention was on sharing my son’s camera with him for the program, but after the first class, I ran right out and bought my own camera!

I knew NOTHING about how to work this camera, other than how to turn it on. Ted was a fantastic teacher! By the end of the program, I was feeling like a professional. I highly recommend this photography Bootcamp to anyone that owns a digital camera and would like to know what all the fancy buttons are about. You may even get hooked like me! I look forward to taking many more of Ted’s classes at Omnilargess. Thank you so much Ted!”

Natalie Stevenson.

I want to thank Natalie for taking Photography Bootcamp and sharing her inspiring story with us.

Testimonies like this make me inspired too that I do something positive for my students.  


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Every Tuesday, I post a new testimony from our previous students. Stay tuned for more testimonies. 

Do you want to learn more?

Omnilargess Portrait Photography Class focuses on essential skills that a photographer needs to capture outstanding portraits. These techniques include camera settings, posing models (male and female), external sources of light (Flashes and reflectors), etc.

I dedicate a good portion of the class to hands-on exercises. Having several models provides opportunities for everyone to practice and learn new skills. To learn more, click HERE.

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