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Vancouver Digital Camera class

Vancouver Digital Camera Class for Beginners

Vancouver! We have some great classes coming your way in New year! February 2nd 2014 is our Vancouver Digital Camera class for beginners. This is suitable for photographers who want to get off of their AUTO setting and learn the full potential of their digital SLR or mirror-less camera. Some compact cameras that have manual capabilities may also be acceptable – just send us an email or go to our “LIVE SUPPORT” and ask your camera model to confirm.

Set the Exposure

Set the Exposure

Digital Cameras are just electronic devices with no reasoning capabilities, so don’t let them make the decisions for you! Come out and learn what your digital camera can do for you and how you can take control over it. Don’t be scared off by all of the buttons and settings that you don’t understand. We can break it down for you in easy steps and give you examples to demonstrate what happens when you change the settings. We also believe that hands-on experience is necessary in the learning process. You will only learn if you do it, and if you then continue to practice what you have learned.

Guide Lines add 3rd dimension

Guide Lines add 3rd dimension

We want to open the world of photography to the average camera user, as well as to those seeking to expand into the professional realm. Start your journey here, and get the tools you need to push your photography forward by gaining confidence in your camera and your own abilities.

Class size is small for maximum one on one hands on with instructor.


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