Special discount on Nik Software

Another massive discount on Nik Software

An avid reader of RDIE’s monthly newsletter and blog posts, Cheryl Wiens of www.sweetlifeportaits.ca sent us a heads up about a great buy on Nik Software. Cheryl was very impressed with the series covering Nik products and when the email came offering this wonderful line of photo editing tools at substantial savings…well, she just had to share the good news.

You can check this deal HERE. I ...

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Photoshop massive discount

Save 50% on Photoshop Elements 10

Get 50% off Photoshop Elements 10 software—the best deal of the year. Now is the time to get the software to organize, edit, create, and share your digital photos with ease.

Adobe just announced a very hot deal on Photoshop Element 10. If you want to join to our photo editing seminar and thinking of buying an editing software this is the best deal.

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Photoshop Tip (Printing)

Printing Odd Sized Photos

This year we had an amazing Fall. Colors were so vibrant. Now you want to print some of those images and frame them. May be you want to give the pictures to someone you love. Wait a minute you may have some very nice classy frames to use, but they are odd sizes! What can you do?

Photography Workshop

Tamara from Beyond Exposure Photography shared ...

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Learn how to do HDR photography

HDR Photography Tips

Do you want to learn how to do HDR photography? There are several ways to create an HDR image. But the main key in HDR is understanding the light. In Advanced Exposure and metering workshop on November 6, I am going to cover all the secrets about HDR photography, which is EXPOSURE, Contrast, Tones, and Metering Mode.

Understanding Zone system and contrast help you to set the Exposure in camera properly to capture as ...

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