Composition Rules

Composition Rules are easy to learn

Composition Rules in Digital Photography

How to take better photos by applying Composition Rules

What are the key elements of a picture?

There are two main elements in a photo that everyone notices first: Exposure and Composition. Many cameras on the market allow some control over the exposure, but I won’t discuss exposure here.

The next essential element for better photos is Composition. There are established rules and guidelines for composition which you can apply or modify, which is a fun fact about composition rules. In almost all cases, the composition attracts a viewer to stay longer and really look at a photo. Here are some samples of the importance of composition.

I took these photos with a Compact Digital Camera (which means no control over exposure!).

Composition Rules
Same scene as the picture below, and this time I used the camera in Portrait orientation.
Composition Rules
Just by changing the camera orientation, you can create two completely different photos. In this photo, I used Landscape Orientation.
Composition adds the depth to your image
Applying Composition Rules can add depth to your image. In this photo, I used FRAMING to add depth to the picture.
Applying Rule of Thirds is one of the basic composition rules yet very powerful
Applying the Rule of Thirds is one of the basic composition rules yet very powerful.

Digital Camera Bootcamp For Beginners

When images are well composed, they are naturally appealing, and viewers want to see more. Now that you know how vital Composition is, you may like to learn more about it. Visit our brand new Digital Camera Workshops, where learning about composition is part of the Digital Camera Bootcamp. Digital Camera Bootcamp is an 8-week program that covers exposure and composition in detail. It starts on September 21st, and there are only three spots left for this comprehensive workshop. Register today to secure your spot. Stay tuned for more digital photography articles.

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