News from new office location

Addition of a new phone line

Hello everyone,

As our business grows so do the number of features needed to streamline our business process. With the move to the new location it made sense to add a land line phone so our clients can reach us even easier. Please make note of our brand new business phone number! The new phone number is 1-604-744-1900. It’s an easy number to remember and also allows us the option to add more lines as needed in the future.

I want to thank Maria Killam for helping me pick the colours for the new office. Maria is a professional colour expert and interior designer and I highly recommend her if you are doing any kind of renovation. Her understanding of colours and creating harmonious themes is top notch. Take a moment and look at her website to see for yourself.

That is all for now as we turn our attention to getting ready for our big open house event. I look forward to seeing you all here!


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