How to take better indoor pictures

Do you want to take better indoor pictures?

For taking better indoor photos we need to use a flash. That we all know. But do you know how to use your flash to get the best possible result? Flash Photography Techniques are the main part of our Indoor Flash Photography Workshop on November 8 from 4-8pm.

There are different techniques that will help us to improve the image quality by using the flash. You may say “But all of those terms and techniques sound too complicated!” Not really. Just join us for this 4 hour Flash Photography class to discover how easy they are.

One of the interesting techniques is High speed shutter Synch. This is one of those skills that allows you to freeze the movements and capture sharper photo. Here is an example for you.

You will learn how to set your camera and flash to capture and freeze fast moving subjects and create awesome images.

“Slow Shutter Synch” is another one that allows you to capture either more of the ambient light for more natural looking photos such as this image


Or even create something totally different like this image


You will learn about Slow Shutter Synch and Rear/Second Curtain Shutter Synch, how to set your camera, and when to use one or the other.

You will also explore all different accessories for flash photography such as Light Modifiers. Flash by itself has a very harsh and intense light. That is why you need to understand the effects of popular light modifiers and use of them. In our Indoor Flash Photography Class I am going to show you the effect of each light modifiers and the techniques that you need to know. Here is a sample of using just a Bouncer. As you can see this image is more natural looking than direct flash.

This Flash photography workshop is for beginners to intermediate photographers. There will be lots of hands on, that is why we keep this workshop small so you will have time to ask all of your questions.

I will post more information later, so saty tuned!

Ted and Omnilargess workshop Team

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