Model photography workshop

Model Photography Workshop

Meet the Model for Model photography Workshop

We just wanted to give you one more bit of information regarding our Model Photography workshop that is coming up quickly on March 6! The first part of the workshop will be giving you all the background knowledge, tips, techniques, and information that you need in order to help you be successful in model photography and high-fashion photography. The second part of the workshop, we have promised, will be very hands-on, and will allow you a chance to practically apply the principles you have learned in the classroom.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce to you the model whom we will be photographing on March 8, as well as the makeup artist who will be preparing her for the shoot:

 Meet the Model : Monika Georgieva

“Monika is a stunning model from Bulgaria who has a 6’1” statuesque figure. She has that typical Eastern European beauty with absolutely flawless lily white skin. Her presence simply exudes elegance. It is pretty much impossible to take a bad image of Monika. She knows her poses and is very aware of her angles.

Monika has recently graduated from Fashion Design school and has designed a high end of lingerie which she is looking to manufacture.

I have shot with Monika many times in the last few months using her primarily for my lingerie line. Recently we shot for one the America’s old lingerie companies. Come and participate in our class. The opportunity to shoot Monika is worth it alone!”

-David Falk (Model Photography Workshop Instructor)

Model photography workshop Fraser Valley
Model photography workshop Fraser Valley
Model photography workshop Fraser Valley
Model photography workshop Fraser Valley
Model photography workshop Fraser Valley
Model photography workshop Fraser Valley


Meet the Makeup Artist : Joji Dhillon

Now, any really great model has help from a really great makeup artist! For this class, we wanted to give you the full experience, and we didn’t want to cut corners. So, we will also have a makeup artist along (also known as a MUA) who will be doing beautiful work with our model at the beginning of the day. Joji Dhillon is a local MUA who does amazing work, and has worked with David in the past. It is a good idea  to develop a great working relationship with makeup artists as well as models, because they are equally as important to a complete shoot.

Now the cat is out of the bag! You know who will be assisting you on the day, and you are in for a fun, and informative time. If you haven’t registered yet – you don’t have much time left! Don’t miss out – Register for Model Photography Techniques today!

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