New Lightroom workshop Fraser Valley

New Lightroom Workshop Fraser Valley Announcement

Welcoming our new instructor; Jonathan Snyder

Since we are in the celebrating mood with Easter upon us, we thought we would take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of our teaching team. Meet Jonathan Snyder of Jonathan Snyder Photography.

Jonathan will be teaching our Adobe Lightroom classes; helping you to organize your workflow and take advantage of the myriad of tools and adjustments available to you within Adobe Lightroom RAW processor. He has been a part of high tech industries and peer training for many years.  As a Technical-Artist in the game industry, he was tasked with many things, including training for artists and animators on new programs and technologies. He also helped to speed up workflows and make tools to make things faster for gaming artists.

Interest in digital mediums has led Jonathan to a passion for photography. He currently photographs weddings, engegements, family photos, portraits, and more. He has been working with Adobe Lightroom since the first version came out.  Using past experiences training others within the gaming industry, he hopes to transfer this experience and expertise to his Lightroom classes with Omnilargess. These Lightroom classes require no previous experience, as Jon will start right from the basics. All the Lightroom workshops  will also compliment our current lineup of Adobe Photoshop editing classes, as Lightroom can be used seamlessly with Photoshop and Photoshop elements as well.

We are looking forward to sharing Jonathan with you and delving into the world of Lightroom and RAW photo editing! Keep an eye out for our workshops and classes coming in April!

Omnilargess Workshop Team


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