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Focal Point: Extra Points

Focal Point: Extra Techniques

Focal Point Part 4

There are many different ways to create focal point in pictures and we cannot cover all of them. Alternatively, differences in focal point techniques makes each photographer unique. In this series of articles, I wanted to present a good case for understanding the importance of focal points and how easy it can be to apply them or forget them. There are times that we, as photographers, are so overwhelmed by the beauty of ...

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Outdoor Photography Class Fall Colour

Outdoor Photography Class Fall Colour Edition

Two part workshop for capturing better photos 

Autumn is almost here with exciting opportunities to photograph the colourful images of fall. Fall is my favourite season because of the light, the vibrant colours and being out in the fresh outdoor air. Taking photos outdoors, especially in autumn, needs specific know-how techniques. Our Outdoor Photography Class is scheduled for October 5 and all camera makes and models are welcome.

This is a two ...

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Digital Camera Photography workshop Basic

Thursday July 19, 2012 – Thursday July 19, 2012

Room 204, 32900 South Fraser Way

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Basic Digital Camera Workshop

Understanding settings and functions of digital camera

Instructor: Ted Samzadeh

Working with DSLRs can be as easy as setting the camera to AUTO mode and letting the camera make the decisions for you, right? No! A camera does ...

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