Importance of Camera Lenses

Importance of Camera Lenses

Lenses and Image Quality 

The Great Camera Debate Part 6

In previous articles I discussed different types of cameras, categories of cameras and whether or not the camera body has a huge impact on image quality.

As a matter of fact camera body is important regarding the speed, image processing and fine tuning controls, but the actual visual difference comes from the lens. Here is an example of a pro camera body paired with an inexpensive kit lens:

Importance of Camera Lenses
Pro camera body and a kit lens. The result is a poor quality image. Check the colour fringe and softness

As you can see the image quality is very poor, due to lack of contrast, colour fringing and overall softness. On the other hand the image below was shot with an entry level camera body paired with a pro lens. Notice the high resolution photo thanks to high quality optics.

Importance of Camera Lenses
Entry level camera body and pro lens. The top quality image can be achieved by pro optics.

So whether you are in the market for a point and shoot camera or a DSLR, your best investment is in the quality of the lenses. Click the link below for further discussions about lenses:


Are third party lenses any good?

To have high quality sharp lenses you don’t necessarily need to buy only your camera manufacturer’s lenses. There are several third party lenses which cost less but provide the same high quality images. Sigma and Tamron recently added new fast lenses to their lineup and I had a chance to try a few of them. Here is an image from one of the Tamron new fast lenses on an entry level DSLR:

Importance of Camera Lenses
Third party pro lenses are good choice for many photographers

Good investment and value for your dollar

Buy a higher level camera body or better lens? That is the question and the answer is purchasing a higher quality lens is a better investment. Camera bodies and technology change so fast and you need to upgrade the camera body in 4 to 5 years to catch up with new technology. From a practical perspective it makes sense to buy a camera body that meets all of your needs and invest your hard earned money in high quality lenses. Good lenses last for many years and even when you upgrade your camera body, you still have the high quality lens to use (provided that you stay with the same manufacturer).

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